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Society of the Smokey Mirror collaborative piece with BWP Artists at SOMArts

Dreams Emerging, Beyond Resilience: Día de Los Muertos 2021
Dedicated to Yolanda Lopez, Elizabeth ‘Betita’ Martinez,
Moira Roth, Betty Segal, and Ronnie Goodman

Meet the Artists | Virtual Gallery

Now in its 22nd year, SOMArts’ annual Día de Los Muertos exhibition is one of the most internationally diverse Day of the Dead celebrations in the United States. Founded by beloved San Francisco artist and curator René Yañez, Día de Los Muertos at SOMArts merges traditional altars with contemporary installations, continuing to be a multigenerational gathering of remembrance while affirming the importance of arts & culture in shaping our worlds.

Curated by Rio Yanez and Carolina Quintanilla, Dreams Emerging, Beyond Resilience: Dia de Los Muertos 2021 can be viewed in person Saturday, October 9–Friday, November 5 with the Virtual Gallery launching Saturday, October 9. Artists honor how grieving rituals have shifted in response to the global pandemic. The exhibition reflects on how the past year has transformed our visions of connection, freedom, and healing. After a year of collective isolation and survival, what are we longing for? What becomes possible when we are able to imagine futures beyond resilience?

If the hive is not the sweetnessThe Society of the Smokey Mirror Collaborative Altar Installation

Installation view of exhibition Dreams Emerging, Beyond Resilience: Día de Los Muertos 2021; If the hive is not the sweetness by The Society of the Smokey Mirror in foreground. Photo by Rich Lomibao for SOMArts Cultural Center.

In this time of isolation, we long for the sweetness of immersive creativity with friends. We aim to provide an experience of sensory delight. As artists and laborers, we aim to become beelike in industriousness and skill to build something sweet. We dream a future of Indigenous, Black, trans, queer, immigrant, disabled, displaced, poor artists transmuting generations of grief and pain and trauma into honey, a golden nectar to nourish seven generations still to come. Honey and the hive are tangible examples of collective work and the sticky, buzzing messiness it takes to make beautiful, golden honey.

“If the hive is not the sweetness” is our way of transmuting  a year and a half’s worth of our collected pain, isolation, fear, trauma, death, illness, and loneliness into a communal, participatory altar that revels in the chaos of all returning to the hive and the ensuing messiness of healing and liberation.

The Society of the Smokey Mirror values coziness, collaboration, eversion, obfuscation, deep hanging out, and play as an antidote for “professionalized” art spaces and rapid loss of collaborative spaces. We are: Midori a social practice artist who makes interactive, immersive work that examines identity, culture, bodily autonomy, and perception. Dorian Katz is an artist drawing in a sumptuous, cartoony style. Scott Kildall is a new media artist whose work repurposes technology for liberation rather than replication and augmentation of power structures, as often happens without artistic intervention. Rhiannon Evans MacFadyen is an SF-born curator, organizer, and project-based artist inspired by “productive discomfort” and projects that push formal and contextual boundaries and engage symbols, identity communication, and the unseen. Christopher M. Tandy is a Queer anti-disciplinary artist engaged in excavating and sharing lost knowledges; perpetually seeking new thought forms that challenge norms on physical and psychological planes.















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